Skydiving in Beromünster

Nothing in the world compares to skydiving. Above Beromünster you will experience an adrenaline rush in a 50-second freefall before enjoying the flight on the open parachute and landing back on safe ground.

The instructors of the Parasportclub Beromünster will accompany you through this unique air experience, from the briefing to the dry runs, up high and back down to the landing field in free fall. Adrenalin rush guaranteed!

Two variants are open to you:

The tandem jump

You are strapped into the harness of your instructor and enjoy the jump as a passenger, so to speak. The tandem master has full control over the freefall, flight and landing. You can concentrate fully on enjoying yourself.

Price: CHF 350.00

The accompanied first jump

In an accompanied first jump, you leave the aircraft with your own glider on your back and are stabilised by two experienced Skydive instructors during the freefall phase. You take control of the open glider and the landing yourself.

Price: CHF 490.00


Location and contact

Skydive Luzern
6025 Neudorf
+41 (0)41 930 24 24